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Where Turkey Stands in Real Estate Industry?

Where Turkey Stands in Real Estate Industry?

Turkey is a beautiful country and emerging economy in the modern world. According to turkey officials the population is 81million. Turkey has a diverse history and ruled by the Ottoman empire in last many centuries. Turkey is full of culture and heritage. Turkey is a developing country and its economy is progressing. Turkey is a prime destination for tourism and hotline industry is working with tourism. The main cities of turkey as Istanbul, Ankara and Izmir. Turkey are known as well educated country where 190 universities work in public and private sectors and recently turkey announce international study visa policy which bring good impact in the economy of turkey. Turkey is progressing in the ground business and industry. Turkey is the fastest growing economy in the world as its the world 25th and European 6th fast growing economy. Turkey has open trade with many countries of the world. Agricultural is turkey main industry produce pomegranates, hazelnuts, quinces and watermelons, tea, tomatoes, eggplants, tobacco, apples, wheat and rye etc.Whereas, the other  industries include textiles, food processing, automotive, electronics, tourism, mining of coal, chromate,  copper and boron, steel, petroleum, construction, lumber, and paper etc includes revenue in Turkish economy.Turkey has  almost equal value of imports and exports of different products. Turkey GDP is  $1.665 trillion annually.Turkey exports worth is $153.6 billion and main exporters of turkey are include Germany 9.3%, UK 7.3%, Iraq 5.9%, Italy 4.8%, US 4.5%, and France 4.1%. However, Turkey main imports worth is $204.3 billion. The top imports include machinery, chemicals, semi-finished goods, refined petroleum, transport equipment, and scrap iron. The top import partners are China 12%, Germany 10.3%, Russia 9.9%, US, 5.4% and Italy 5.1% respectively.

Turkey is one of the most promising real estate markets in Europe. Strategically situated at the crossroads of Europe, the Middle East, and Central Asia, and home to almost 81 million people, Turkey offers great opportunities for real estate developers and investors by combining a large construction sector with growing commercial and industrial output. According to the survey and reports of different institutions real estate includes 8.4% of GDP in the last decade.If we talk about investment in real estate industry worth at 10.8$ billion. In 2017, 22,234 houses were sold to foreigners in Turkey, marking a year-on-year increase of 22.2 percent. Regarding house sales to foreigners, Istanbul was the top-performing province with 8,182 sales in 2017, followed by Atalanta with 4,707 sales, Bursa with 1,474 sales, and Yalova with 1,079 sales.Turkey is offering nationality on real estate investment. The main real estate sector of turkey where investment in requires are hotels, hostels, flats, houses, apartments and shopping malls etc. The minimum investment for Turkish passport or investment is US250000$.

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What Means By " Real Estate Investment Today" In Realty?

What Means By ” Real Estate Investment Today” In Realty?


Real Estate Investment Today

“Real Estate Investment Today” is an alarm for real estate investors to invest in real estate whatever money you have in the pocket.“The best time to buy a home is always five years ago.” -Ray Brown.Yes, This is the true quote about real estate investment.There are so many reasons behind this statement.Investment in land is the old concept.Man from any part of the world like to invest his/her capital in the real estate sector.Money if you have as a saving better to invest in property because the value of property always increase and convert income in profit whether you are living in Asia, EUROPE, America or Africa. However, To invest in real estate time play a vital role and the main reason is the price of land or property.Real estate property gives profit depends on the nature of property. 

Profit Depends On The Nature Of Market And Time

Different type of property gives a different sort of profit. The important thing is timing. There is no right and wrong time for investment just money is required and that’s a timing in real estate investment . If you have the money buy the property and wait for the right time for right profit and keeping investment put the money under the bed is not a wise act. Because money at home remain same as it was five years ago. Five year ago investment can be a bonus or a lottery after five years for you in term of profit.In real estate the value of land or property is not constant.

Right Time Right Investment

Real estate Investment today means to invest your capital today, Whatever you have in pocket. As the value of everything increase with time so better buy and wait rather than wait for the right time. In real estate there is no right time in developing real estate while developed real estate where things are set always give low profit.However, Developing real estate give heavy profit because things such as sales taxes or property taxes are not  the same and vary place to place. There are many individual properties, Such properties are unique as there is no competition among competitors and investors, which shows no competition in the real estate market so its a good spot for investors to invest in such real estate and wait for the time when the real estate value increase.Every good realty comes in the value when population grow and human require needs such as homes. shops, apartments and other realty related things such as school, hospitals and shopping center. Before investing somewhere thats only a point investors need to keeping in mind before investment and its come in decision making.

Right Decision Requires Right Experts

Decision making is not hard thing to understand as there are many professional and experts physically available in the shape of realtors and many investors can find on internet.Just type what kind of information you require and as investors essential to consult with realtors because they are professional as you consult with a doctor when you will suck. New Investor or people you try to invest first time ever in property try to avoid realtors or professional just for committing money. Seriously, it’s not a big thing to give 1% percent commission. To pay for servicing must honor for you.

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Where I do invest my down payment money, what's the best place? (Only Loan free or own Capital)

Where I do invest my down payment money, what’s the best place? (only if investors have loan free capital or own money)


That’s a serious question about to investing down payment.To understand the mechanism of down payment is essential for the new investors in investment money in commercial projects, shopping malls and residential projects or lands.To plan what sort of investments investor want to invest is important and must plan how much down payment should be invested in realty. According to financial institutions, 20% down payment must minimum of investment in realty. The percentage of down payment depends on the current situation of the projects. In commercial projects such as shopping malls, residential or commercial apartments 20% down payment is an absolute figure to invest. In case important for investors to find out the completion time period of the projects.Usually,the grace time period of 3 to 5 years is perfect for mega projects.In case if the time period is less than 3 years investor can increase down payment 30% to 35% if developers are willing to complete the project in the given time frame. Increase in down payment can help investors to pay installment on time and apply processing on time to keep the time safe and then investors can rent or sale property. Moreover, Good return on investment only can achieve if the area around the project is develop and people are ready to buy property in specific area. Investor need to research before investment about the development trends because it helps to understand the concept of real estate investment.

Down payment concept in residential areas vary with the development of the residential area. In residential investment where developers offer residential apartments, lands and houses. As we mention 20% is the basic rule for the down payment investment. However,Developer and realty societies ask more than 25% down payment. The calculation requires here to deal with the situation and the level of development.In most cases the land is ready almost for possession so investors need to give more down payment around 50%, then they must pay on the bases of possession time period. Possession time is less than a year or 2 year. Investors need to pay more because its a saving of time and sell the property and move on for next projects. Moreover, If the project is new then it takes time for fully develop and also prices increase slowly and usually take more time and known as slow investment returns.

Down payment investment is not considered a good step in investment because of the slowness of competition and low return of the profit. It is a good step for people who want to build own house for living. Developers usually plan this type of investment to develop new areas so such kind of investment takes time to return a profit. In many cases such investment depends the time period of the projects or the development of the rounding areas.It takes five to ten years to return a big profit. Down payment investment depends on the financial situation of the investor and in as few ways down payment is a good way to put money in business rather than keep it at home. So we must say check and examine your financial condition before investment. There is nothing wrong in any investment method and every investment have goods and bad. However, main things what you have in the pocket.

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What is "The Art of Negotiation in Realty", Basic learning for realtors and customers?

What is “The Art of Negotiation in Realty”, Basic learning for realtors and customers?

Image result for negotiation 
Negotiation is the old concept in the history of human civilization. To come on the table to negotiate is an art and the solution of every single conflict or debate. Human history is full of wars and conflicts for many thousands of years. There were brutal wars in the past on different issues caused the lost of million of human life and at the end issues solved in negotiations. This art remains popular from time to time.Negotiation is essential to find out out best results and make win win situation for everyone. It’s an art with is god gifted. People with natural Negotiation qualities always successful in life and become bosses, leaders and high rank position in different aspect of life. However, People can learn this art from the experience of success and failures.Different experiments in life, incident and day to day communication also bring the expertise of negotiations in human personality. Moreover, In the modern world the art of Negotiations can learn as there are many experts, coaches and mentors discuss on this topic through interviews and lectures. Any individual can learn this art from mentors on Google and YouTube there are thousands of video and text literature available.

The art of negotiation in real estate business to learn and use the expertise of negotiation in the real estate business where there is a tough life and competition among realtors and also with customers very important. Negotiation is the basis of trade and takes time for individuals to learn its ad use it. However, Brokers must learn this art quickly in the real estate business. Experience people is a guide for new individuals in the field of business. Even the world is more commercialize still this tool remains the part of business.The large business deals require negotiation and a person need to be confident on the table. Because confidence on your point can give you success and if a person unable to justify his/her point can lose the money. In real estate many deals fail because brokers do not know how to complete the deals. Moreover, Sometime customers also unable to understand the position of the market. Its not all about realtors . However, The most of customers do not know this art still if a broker is aware of this skill he can bring a customer on the table. Remember for customer broker can be a just person or individual, but for you as realtor or brokers’ customers are many and they are a business and source of income for you. Every single customer or investor is important for you and the skill of negotiation can make you successful realtor.

Structure of the negotiations in Real Estate Business 

Just as a broker you need to think and go out of the box when you deal with customers. Here you can understand with the situation 

Step 1

As a broker you are advertising a property As a broker you must know what you are offering in the property you must know following things Price of the property An area where the property is located Features of the property (rounding facilities in area)

Step 2

As a broker you must invite the customer to visit give so you must sift single about property basic things and bargaining option to customers.Remember, if the customer is accepting your invitation to visit that’s your first success. 

Step 3 

Give a complete brief and visit for your customer and second you must ask offer if customers like your property

Completing the basic step there are three main steps in negotiating 

 1. Establish the issues being negotiated 
 2. Gather information about issues 
 3. Build a solution of the problem

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What is "The Art of Negotiation in Realty", Basic learning for realtors and customers?

What is “The Art of Negotiation in Realty”, Basic learning for realtors and customers?

Real estate dealing or negotiations is an art in realty industry because of money and high profit involve. Every brokers want to earn profit and where profit involves there people forget ethics of business. Real estate market is different in different parts of the world and it does not mean ethics are same in all parts of the world. Moreover, As a real estate agent income and number of deals determined the ability to close the deal.Dealing and negotiations is an art and takes time to learn. In real estate the art of dealing is essential to learn because as a broker you have to deal with two kinds of stakeholders and they known as customer who are general to contact you for buy and sell property and second is your own work related brokers because in different places one broker need to deal with other broker for realty. Observations show that deal with own field brokers is hard sometimes when one person is less knowledgeable in realty and willing to gain more profit than other broker.It’s hard to close the deal because one person is always in doubts about other brokers. Its happen where one broker is unaware the art of dealing or confuse about different aspects of steps of the deal. Whereas, Its a simple to close the deal when both brokers are expert and willing to complete the deal. Moreover, Negotiation is hard with own field broker than a general client.Because general clients come in market to buy or sell the property according to their needs.

In realty both kinds of stakeholders are a challenge for one realtor and hear realtors need to learn the following steps to groom him/herself in the realty industry to make the profile high.
There are the following steps a broker should understand and learn in the real estate market.

1) As a broker you have to be passionate to complete the deal rather than thinking about money. So as a broker clear your aim to deal rather than think about money

2) As a real estate broker you must have basic information and complete detail about the given property which you are willing to deal for your clients. It includes property worth, locality and property current value and main features. When we talk about features of a property it includes property location, and amenities (such as schools, colleges, restaurants, hospitals, banks, religious center and public transportation etc.

 3) In real estate negotiations, A broker should stay positive in the way of communication and act normally and must listen others carefully and keep the conversation normal and positive. The level of confidence of an individual secure 50% deal in the first meeting. In step three where you are face to face with your clients and realtors you must follow and develop these steps to give a good impression about your professional skills and personality.
  • Positive attitude 

 Keep yourself positive with a smile, welcome and appreciate and keep environment happy and positive 

  • Body language

Show positivity with your body language, use simple words and make an eye contact during conversation. As a broker you are deal for someone to be positive and neutral during the talk. especially when you are dealing for someone with your own colleagues realtors. 

  • Open Conversation

 Describe the all aspects of deal in meeting and if there are issues. Then, focus on resolving the other issues that need to be worked out with some form of compromise. If the other side doesn’t agree with the options you present, provide them with alternative options backed by solid evidence. 

  • Emotional Intelligence 

 Here when you were open conversation in about step there is a chance of hyperness so control yourself and do not become emotional about deal as you are in front of your stakeholders and conversation infarct give the idea which side your deal is moving either success or failure.

    4) The final step when both parties are moving to close the deal. As a broker you need to close the deal and complete the following steps. 

    • End the negotiation

     When all set before walking out of the room from another office or your own office show the positive feelings with a smile, shake hands and thanks everyone in participation and talk about legal paperwork and fixed the time for signing the deal.

    •  Agreement Completion 

     As a broker come with clarity on written agreements where all parties are agreed and hey have a full understanding about written deeds. Moreover, here you customers can disagree if you do not clear your commission. So clearly mention in written form about your percentage of commission to avoid conflict at the end of the deal.

    • Review the Agreement and signed 

    Review the deal main points such as; Is the agreement is working? Is it achieving what you all wanted? Are people keeping their commitments? Can we think of ways to improve the agreement that benefits everyone? And signed it from both parties

      5) After completing the all process of the deal. lets enjoy you as a broker on the completion of your deal make a party, enjoy with families and friends with good food. Remember the celebration of success actually motivate you for the bigger ground in your professional field.

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      What are The Types of Real Estate Marketing in Realty business?

       What are The Types of Real Estate Marketing in Realty business?

      Real estate marketing or advertisement is a vast field and the way of communication for real estate advertising and realtor agencies. You often say different kind of information about sales and purchases i.e. home for sale, house for sale, rent, investment and many more.That’s all information is related to property or real estate. In real estate business people usually do business with personal contacts and who are new in the realty business often thinks that for property business a person should have personal contacts or buyer. This is not true 100% for any kind of business. To develop the business and earn money as a business person you need to promote your products.There are different sources of the promotion and in business language we call promotion an of tool marketing and advertisement. Real estate agencies or real estate agents need listing and leads to increase their business and property owners also need to sell their properties quickly. Both realtors and real estate clients need a source of marketing to find a buyer for property simple for realtors to use marketing and advertisements mediums for their property and to complete the process they conduct different mediums and agents pay for promotion. As they are many for sale by owner listings so they contract with different companies. However, individual property, house owners or commercial properties owner have also same option but its an expensive and complicated process for them so most of owners also contact with real estate agents. In all Marketing is only an option for realtors so they have to contact with different mediums for advertisement and their property listing.So we can say that different sources of marketing can be a good tool for property survey for clients and realtors.


      Publication and advertisement starts with the invention of printing machines. In beginning books, paper ad and newspapers were only the sources of an advertisement and people use this for long time. However, Advancement of the technology and research and development business company uses this advancement of the technology for their business promotion. The development of print, electronic and now social media and internet brought an advancement and revolution in marketing. Here, We will discuss all medium of promotion one by one.



      The oldest form of communication where people can print and page one side, both sides. Mostly people on leaflets puts information about the business. It’s not an expensive form of advertisement and the promotion of the business. Beautiful message about business and only helpful for a business to tell customer in the area where a business is operated. In real estate business leaflets only useful for telling about customer about your location and nature of the business where designers can put information about a business and contact information such as business postal address, phone number, email and real estate website address. So the main aim of this kind of promotion just tell people around you business address or property that you are operating in specific areas. However, for big clients and brief detail of property is not a useful method for realtors.


       Another written form of advertisement where real estate agencies use this for promotion. this method is similar with leaflets.However, you don’t need to distribution one by one. In this type you need a banner and need to design and paste on the big wall in an open place. It considers an expensive way of marketing in real estate. Realtors usually use this for company promotion and the marketing for their mega projects.As mega projects of real estate such as shopping malls and commercial shops and flats, consider the investment of billion dollars so developer do not hesitate to spend in such king of marketing. This type of promotion can only generate the lead or listings in only local area or where the billboard is located. In the modern era of technology now billboards are converted in digital screens and LCD’s.


      A newspaper is the sources of communication related with news of politics, business, sports and art, etc. According to the world news survey, there are 2.5 Billion newspaper reader in this world who read newspaper daily. As the newspaper is the source of communication from government side so in first world, particularly in EU, UK, Canada, USA and Australia government provides free newspaper daily for public and the best example of such newspaper is METRO and evening standard which published in the United Kingdom and newspapers are free for public. However, Different business in these newspapers pay for advertisement. That’s why Metro or evening standards are full of advertisement and marker ads in other news. Moreover, Government usually provide such newspapers in buses, tubes and trains as well. In different parts of the world newspapers are the basic sources of information and its still popular in public. The popularity of this medium attracts real estate companies all around the world to advertise their listings. It is more specific for readers and also local and on national level. It is not an expense.

      Newsletters or Magazine

       Property magazines and newsletters are the form of printing, promotion. It is a specific for real estate business. In first world specially in EU, UK, Australia, Canada, US, also china, Pakistani, India, Japan and East Asian countries now real estate agent, publish newsletters and magazines for their customer. As it is more specific and related directly with letting agents listings so buyer of reality mostly interested to buy such property magazines and newsletter. Here, real estate readers can find all kind of information with full descriptions about house for sale or home for sale and also for residential and commercial property investments. In such magazines, individual real estate owners also advertise their listings. You often see advertised in magazines such as houses for sale by owner, home for sale by owners or shop to let or property to buy and lets. that’s usually belongs to individual owners. Newsletter or Magazine advertisement is useful and bring direct clients. However, it’s useful in specific cities and only available where publishers are available to sales magazines and newsletters.

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      How To Real Estate Marketing Works On Electronic Media Radio, Television and Cinema Screen?

      How To Real Estate Marketing Works On Electronic Media Radio,Television and Cinema Screen?

      The invention of electronic media includes radio, tv and cinemas attract many viewers during  20th century. In 21st century electronic media consider a popular form of the entertainment. In the beginning with the invention of electronic media was used for the information, knowledge and entertainment. Both radio and tv had same value in past and still in modern time all three form of electronic media are popular among people. The main features of the electronic media are dramas, music, news and current affairs.In the modern era businness brought more advancement in electronic media and it gave more advancement in term of programs as the live transmission of sports, conferences and satellite education system programs. All these features attract business communities to sell their programs on radio,tv and cinemas. Because electronic media has large viewership, which attract business related individuals, groups and companies to communicate about their products with customers. As this medium is the best potential and bring customers for different business. Real estate agents, agencies and development projects use this medium for advertisement.

      Radio for Real Estate Marketing

      The oldest form of communication, information and entertainment. Although radio is the very old tool. However, In the modern world the nature of radio is changed from a big wooden box to small box, then in tv, vehicles and now in mobiles. The radio keeps its presence in the all eras of life. Radio still has its importance among people as many people use this in the villages and where there is no other sources of entertainment.Drivers and car owners still like to turn on the radio during drives.Moreover, Radio channels brought advancement with its programs and these programs are the sources of income for owners and the popularity of these programs attracts advertiser use radio for their products promotion.This popularity attracts real estate agencies and agents to use radio for real estate marketing. Marketing of radio is an essential for realtors and sellers to advertise their listings because radio has small but effective audience. However, modern radio has small frequency or coverage and mostly radio do not cover 100 miles radius so its importance on the area where real estate projects are in progress. To make real estate campaign more effective realtors need professional marketesr who can make effective ads about real estate listings. Even its a small targeted audience still bring good customers because people from good profession use this medium. Furthermore, the promotion of residential and commercial real estate projects in local areas realtors need to contact radio for advertising their projects and it can generate good leads for realtors. Realtors need to participate in marketing campaigns on radio.There are several of reasons in participation on radio for realtors or developers. Realtors or projects developer’s presence of different radio programs gives customers confidence to listen and trust on project reality. Because commercial projects usually a scams in different societies. If officials related to real estate communication as radio provide the facilities to communicate with phone can be a useful strategy.

      An Advertisement On Ratio To Generate Leads and Listings

      •  Make an advertisement script 
      •  Add complete information about projects and societies If camping is in the form of interview live on radio, must show legality or government Issues NOC for customers 
      •  Communicate live about real estate development projects if its specific. 
      •  Use prime time such as morning or evening time because at this time, coverage or   rating is high and make the add simple and understandable 
      • Cover all kinds of audience include women in the day time
      Television For Real Estate Marketing

      Television is the complete sources of communication ,information and entertainment. In past TV is only used for entertainment and news. However, In modern time tv is the most specific with its channel in term of entertainment, News and Current affairs, Religion programs, Women TV, Sports, Drama channels in different languages, Informative channels, local and international channels with the invention of dish satellite and cable.This is a good source of all aspects for tv professionals as this become a good industry for professional.Moreover, Those of tv divide its viewers which is hard to understand for marketers in real estate sector where to advertise or market their campaign because viewers are divided. In the past when there are only national channels in all countries was good for advertisement. The prime time which starts from 8pm to 11pm was considered good for advertisement.Although it was considered expensive but useful for marketing campaigns because people use that time for specific for TV. Today, still TV has a large audience.However, TV viewers are divided on their favorite channels even kids so it’s a difficult for realtors to decide for TV marketing. As its a big viewership still real estate agents need to use this medium for marketing and advertisement.

       An Advertisement On TV To Generates Leads And Listings

      • Realtors need to divide their marketing budgets for make marketing campaign effectiveness
      • Advertisement on national channels and it has a large audience and one language so it’s a potential for realtors, 
      •  Make ads attractive with visual and information. 
      •  Use cable channels as they can advertise for specific local people where ever you want. 
      • Use business channel for advertisement as real estate is a business industry 
      •  Select prime time and popular channel and program because they have some  serious  viewership 
      •  Use prime time 8pm to 11pm to make advertisement

      Cinema For The Real Estate Marketing

      Cinema is a big screen and specific sources of entertainment. Cinema is an old and still popular form of the entertainment. Cinema is not only popular, but its limited in languages. the popular entertainment in term of movies. It is also good source of marketing in real estate marketing. People are more crazy and passionate about loves as its comes few time in the year on cinema so people come to watch movie with proper arrangements. Realtors can attract and communication about their listings anywhere in the world with their ads. I do not think so its an expensive as very few business industry use this medium

      An Advertisement On Cinema To Generate Leads And Listings

      •  Make a brief ad visual and printed for cinema 
      •  Become a three hours sponsor for movie locally and specificlly
      •  Run commercial about your listings, projects or about real estate.
      •  Make it specific such as in the beginning, break and before the all.
      •  Use leaflet about your real estate or project related and present for customers with ticket. 
      • Check the popularity of the film before campaign to make it more effective and useful for real estate customers.
      • You can make this campaign internationally where you expect audience or customers about your projects. I.e. if the project is Mumbai Indian, there are thousands of Indians in UK, Canada, Australia, Kenya, South Africa and USA. 
      •  You can target customers.

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      What is The Impact of Social Media Marketing in Real Estate?

      What is The Impact of Social Media Marketing in Real Estate?

       Social media brought a revolution is the world of business. Very fast and specific marketing for any business and its focus and targeted its customers anywhere in the world. Social media marketing is not a hard process and business can promote whatever you want. Social websites such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest and Google are main companies which provides platforms for business companies. Moreover, the LinkedIn which made more specific with business companies and profiles for different businessmen and candidates.There are different social media websites now became more advance in the shape mobile apps. The main reason for social media websites are the popularity of these websites among people. People all over the world use social media websites, i.e. Facebook, YouTube, Twitters, Google and Instagram for many different reasons to surf time, keep themselves busy to content people for friendship, relationships, share information and videos in the beginning. Later these social media gives more specific options to its customers in terms of groups and personal and professional pages. Nowadays, these social media is the most popular form of communication amongst people

      Image result for social media and real estate marketing
      Impact of Social Media Marketing in Real Estate

      Social media websites and Business

       As we all know social media is the popular form of communication in the modern world. People use hundred of hours a month on different social websites just for communication, entertainment and gaining more and more knowledge. Business form and companies focus on social media because of its large number of population which use these websites and marketing companies use this website because in 2010 an MBA student first time research on social media marketing and concluded that social media i.e.Facebook brings positive impact on different business because Facebook has potential customers as there are from different professions and communities attract business companies and different sectors to come on Facebook to advertise their message of business for desired customers. Moreover, Different other social media sites such as, twitter, Instagram, YouTube and now Pinterest  more clear that social media marketing is the feature of different businesses.
       It’s a more advance, customer oriented and specific and according to the desire of the business company to advertise their business campaign. Furthermore, These websites are more customized than other marketing mediums.It keeps messages personal and the cost of marketing is cheaper than other marketing mediums.There is no bounder of the message go wherever you want to bring customers on board.

      Social media Marketing and Real Estate Industry

      Real estate considers a very rich industry in business communities and realtors are billionaires in different parts of the world. However, It was hard for them to create a promotion campaign all around the world. Globalization and the advancement of the internet made the job easy for realtors to communicate with people anywhere around the world. Now real estate agents can work on their laptops through their websites, social media pages and they bring more customers and advertising their listings. There are different social media websites, realty personal pages, social media pages, blogs and official websites help them to advertise and promote their listings with complete details. Moreover, Before internet realtors, only able to communicate with local or regional customers as the advertisement of international medium was expensive and out of reached. But the advancement of the technology help realtors to go worldwide and increase the revenue.Social media marketing in real estate generate more customers and different country realtors attract international realty customers so now customers can invest anywhere in the world where ever they want. 

      Social Media and Realty Marketing

      Social media impact positive as well negative impacts on the real estate business

      • Social media helps realtors to go in international market 
      • Social media helps to gain more knowledge and information for realtors and customers.
      •  Social media marketing is target oriented and focus on specific communities 
      • Social media is the cheapest in term of marketing capital
      •  It helps to cover different regions.
      • It’s easy and advance in usage a person can make a campaign.

      Negative Impact of Social media marketing in Real Estate 


      • The margin of profit is decreasing if there are many stakeholders offer the same product with less price

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      How to use "Social Media Marketing for Real Estate ;Facebook in 2019"?

      How to use “Social Media Marketing for Real Estate ;Facebook in 2019”?

      Social media marketing for real estate;facebook
      Social media marketing for real estate;facebook


      Facebook is an online social media network company based in United States and appeared on internet on 2004.It was the joint venture of five students or roommates. The little venture of these students now become the one of the best company on internet along Google, Apple, Amazon. Mark Zuckerberg is the founder of the company with Eduardo Saverin, Andrew McCollum, Dustin Moskovitz, and Chris Hughes. The mechanism of Facebook in beginning was limited to university students from Harvard to Columbia, Stanford and Yale university.Officially in 2006 Facebook open for public and with few years Facebook got a million of active users. In beginning it was only for social activities such as information sharing, photo sharing and post writing. The advancement of the technology and fast internet bytes and smartphone, tablets and laptops attract users to upload videos. The growth of Facebook uses attract the business community to use this user potential for their business marketing and advertising. The Facebook book became more lawful and ethically strong company.Facebook became more customers with time to allow users to put their personal and professional information which is helpful for advertiser to target required customers. Advertisement on Facebook on customers page related with personal and professional information. This is the success of Facebook marketing and attract business and other organizations to advertise on Facebook. Facebook marketing is the cheapest and target oriented activity for any business. In 2018 Facebook has more than 2.2 billion monthly active users and revenue is $40.6 billion dollars. The main source of business on Facebook is advertisement and marketing.

       Features of Facebook for social media marketing

      There are several ways an advertiser can use for social media marketing about real estate products and this message you can use free. There are many ways of marketing on Facebook, which can promote real estate listings free without spending a penny.

      HD photo and video shares

      Facebook allows to share heavy HD photos and videos on Facebook. In real estate social media marketing a company should have own marketing staff who fully trains to make photos, videos and campaign expert.It is the cheaper than professional social media marketing team because own work is own work and as an owner, you can make it specific in your own office.

      Link to other social media networks 

      Link to other social networks such as YouTube, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn on Facebook. You do not know how many people daily visit on your profile because Facebook do not allow us to know them. If you link other social network address on your Facebook. It generates free information about your work and business. 

      Group’s units 

      Group units are a feature on Facebook which can be used for marketing and brand promotion purposes. Groups can be edited by parting company information and it allows to add other groups with same businesses. As a marketer if you post about your products then these products automatically shared with different groups on just one click

      Facebook Business Page 

      The Facebook Business page is the most advance features of Facebook. Facebook allow business companies to create business pages. There are different kinds of page as an individual you can create i.e. celebrity page, pages about universities, colleges and about different industries. The popularity of pages among users can make you page a brand and then different companies even pages book shows interest to buy your page.However, If you are willing to create your business page in real estate you have to buy some features by paying to Facebook. This will help you to promote your company online, you can post related to your listings and by paying few dollars you can boost your posts where ever you want. There is are targeted option Facebook allow a business company. Promotion of listings make Facebook advertisement different from traditional advertisement or marketing and on Facebook advertisement is advance where a business firm can share images and videos about your ads once if some like your post again message will reach without spending because the Facebook target once.

      Facebook pages are more specific and influential than other marketing mediums. This is the specific form of marketing and cheap in term of expense. Moreover, on Facebook page you can add other network links and it helps to generate more audience. Facebook pages provide you performance indicators which help business to rearrange marketing campaign and this feature give money value.

      Commercial Real Estate Property

      How to Use Instagram in Real Estate Marketing in 2019?

      How to Use Instagram in Real Estate Marketing in 2019?
      Instagram in real estate marketing

      Instagram is the form of social media network own by Facebook since 2012.It was created by Kevin systrom and Mike Krieger on October 2010 on iOS system. Now Instagram operated in Android, Windows 10, Windows 10 Mobile etc. Instagram is a photo and video sharing service on social networks. Instagram also available on websites and apps. The app allows users to upload photos and videos to the service, which can be edited with various filters, and organized with tags and location information account’s posts can be shared publicly or with re-approved followers. Users can browse other users’ content by tags and locations. In 2019 Instagram has published more than one billion photos and videos and the number of users are in millions. In beginning it was for personal use and again like a Facebook it attracts business companies and marketers for advertisement purposes just with the help of photos and videos The majority of customers in Instagram made it the subject of criticism Although praised for its influence, Instagram has been the subject of criticism, most notably for policy and interface changes, allegations of censorship, and illegal or improper content uploaded by users.

      Instagram and Real Estate Marketing

      Instagram where people upload photos and videos everyday. The popularity in public attracts business companies to use Instagram for promotion of the brand and products. Instagram now offers business accounts along personal accounts. In business accounts there are options for companies to paid Instagram for advertisement and promotion. Instagram algorithm is same like Facebook every specific, target oriented and customized. Instagram is more smarter than Facebook because of its filters and features.As Instagram is a visual medium of communication so it requires high quality of image and videos to attract customers. Moreover, It is the most suitable for company’s branding. it is a useful tool to memorize the brand image and name with visuals. In the real estate business its necessary for realtors to promote business on Instagram. It helps to promote listings of new home or house for sales. 

      Realtors or real estate marketers must follow several steps on Instagram for successful marketing

      • Create a business Instagram account 
      • Fill all boxes with complete information about company brand Create high quality images  
      • To make high resolution videos 
      • Put relevant texts or information 
      • Make a brand niche 
      • Follow same category business 
      • Follow real estate experts
      • Use caption with video and Image
      • Use hashtags related real estate 
      • Use story feature daily