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How Real Estate Financial Institutions Helps for Residential Loans and Commercial loans?

How Real Estate Financial Institutions Helps for Residential Loans and Commercial loans?

Real estate investment requires huge amount of initial capital for investing in property industry. Various sources of income can invest in property buying. The concept of financial institutions for property investment is popular in developed countries where as banks, mortgage institution and other financial institutions provide facilities to give capital for investment in property sectors. Institutions provide a percentage amount of interest for a specific period of time. Period of time and interest rate can be fixed or change according to the amount of money in term of deposit. People are aware about the financial institution’s payment plans as institutions advertised for public about their plans of work. However, In underdeveloped and developing societies the concept of financial institutions is new and unpopular because of many reasons such as lack of knowledge, understanding and unawareness of procedures of payments and repayments. 

Commercial banks, merchant banks, insurance companies and mortgage institutions are the main stakeholders in the modern world which provides financial services for real estate investment. Such institutions are helpful for low income or medium earning groups who do not have enough resources to buy homes in near developed areas. Such institutions people residents become a home owner.In this concept the property is the joint entity of the financial institutions and candidates who is willing to buy property  In this process if a person who agreement with institutions can be  house owners after completing the requirements of the institutions. Requirements include the percentage of interest and fixed time period. The rate of interest vary with the prices of houses in modern world like UK, EU, Canada, USA and Australia while in East Asia, south Asia, Africa and south America this concept is new. whereas, The time period or Fixed term can be increase or decrease if an individual can pay more than the interest rate or less than the interest rate. 

In 3rd world such financial institutions unable to get popularity because people do not have saving to achieve the level and what above institutions are offering. Moreover, most of people are lacking in knowledge for property investment in this way and also many financial institutions are unable to make a good campaign to encourage their real estate investment customers

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