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How to Analyses The London City's Real Estate Market?

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London is the capital of the United Kingdom. London is the oldest city as its signs were found from Anne Domini(AD)and Before Christ(BC). London with the passage of time grows with the universe. In the 12th century London became the capital of the Great Britain when the emperor decided to move the capital from Winchester. London is the city on the Thames River as this river move from all major areas of the London. London is the most diverse place with full of cultural heritage.The culture of heritage can be seen in the all aspect of life, such as buildings, museums, parks, universities and colleges, theaters, cinemas, restaurants, sports arenas, old Wimbledon park and village. My experience says London is the best in all aspect of lives. London is the best place for living, best place for education, best cultural places, best entertainment and best business place. Modern London is divided in four zones known as, EAST, West, North,South and Greater London. London population is 8.7 million. The transportation system in most wide and well connected with every part of the town. Moreover, London generates high revenue from its tourism, food and beverage, entertainment, education, services and real estate industries. Modern London is the most expensive city in all aspects of business and living. The most expensive areas of the landing are Central London, South London, North London then West and East London.
London, as mentioned before, is divided into four main zones. It generates 90% revenue for the UK. As London business linked with buildings and properties. Because London well come to the whole world as London provides the best services so it must prices of every business and its main reason is the attracion of public which make business the expensive and profitable city.In real estate industry London has a name and charm.Realty business in London is systematic and realtors are professional and work is done on legal papers from the first step and buying and selling working go through with the help of solicitors. In terms of prices, London is the most expensive place for the real estate investments either property is commercial realty or residential realty. Moreover, Investment is all parts of the London is the fun for investors rather than heavy profits.The given image shows value of property prices in London main areas such as bond street, oxford circus, piccadilly circus, mayfair, westminster, knights bridge and sloane square etc. The above image is about residential property in the of highest value while for commercial properties its beginning.As the prices are in millions still there is a charm for realty investors buying small properties in London, where the value of the real estate property in under one million £. Moreover, Greater London is also a good place for real estate investment, both for commercial or residential point of views. Greater London is cheaper in pricing for residential property for living and investing as it has good rental values. There are good council services for residents.