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How to use "Social Media Marketing for Real Estate ;Facebook in 2019"?

How to use “Social Media Marketing for Real Estate ;Facebook in 2019”?

Social media marketing for real estate;facebook
Social media marketing for real estate;facebook


Facebook is an online social media network company based in United States and appeared on internet on 2004.It was the joint venture of five students or roommates. The little venture of these students now become the one of the best company on internet along Google, Apple, Amazon. Mark Zuckerberg is the founder of the company with Eduardo Saverin, Andrew McCollum, Dustin Moskovitz, and Chris Hughes. The mechanism of Facebook in beginning was limited to university students from Harvard to Columbia, Stanford and Yale university.Officially in 2006 Facebook open for public and with few years Facebook got a million of active users. In beginning it was only for social activities such as information sharing, photo sharing and post writing. The advancement of the technology and fast internet bytes and smartphone, tablets and laptops attract users to upload videos. The growth of Facebook uses attract the business community to use this user potential for their business marketing and advertising. The Facebook book became more lawful and ethically strong company.Facebook became more customers with time to allow users to put their personal and professional information which is helpful for advertiser to target required customers. Advertisement on Facebook on customers page related with personal and professional information. This is the success of Facebook marketing and attract business and other organizations to advertise on Facebook. Facebook marketing is the cheapest and target oriented activity for any business. In 2018 Facebook has more than 2.2 billion monthly active users and revenue is $40.6 billion dollars. The main source of business on Facebook is advertisement and marketing.

 Features of Facebook for social media marketing

There are several ways an advertiser can use for social media marketing about real estate products and this message you can use free. There are many ways of marketing on Facebook, which can promote real estate listings free without spending a penny.

HD photo and video shares

Facebook allows to share heavy HD photos and videos on Facebook. In real estate social media marketing a company should have own marketing staff who fully trains to make photos, videos and campaign expert.It is the cheaper than professional social media marketing team because own work is own work and as an owner, you can make it specific in your own office.

Link to other social media networks 

Link to other social networks such as YouTube, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn on Facebook. You do not know how many people daily visit on your profile because Facebook do not allow us to know them. If you link other social network address on your Facebook. It generates free information about your work and business. 

Group’s units 

Group units are a feature on Facebook which can be used for marketing and brand promotion purposes. Groups can be edited by parting company information and it allows to add other groups with same businesses. As a marketer if you post about your products then these products automatically shared with different groups on just one click

Facebook Business Page 

The Facebook Business page is the most advance features of Facebook. Facebook allow business companies to create business pages. There are different kinds of page as an individual you can create i.e. celebrity page, pages about universities, colleges and about different industries. The popularity of pages among users can make you page a brand and then different companies even pages book shows interest to buy your page.However, If you are willing to create your business page in real estate you have to buy some features by paying to Facebook. This will help you to promote your company online, you can post related to your listings and by paying few dollars you can boost your posts where ever you want. There is are targeted option Facebook allow a business company. Promotion of listings make Facebook advertisement different from traditional advertisement or marketing and on Facebook advertisement is advance where a business firm can share images and videos about your ads once if some like your post again message will reach without spending because the Facebook target once.

Facebook pages are more specific and influential than other marketing mediums. This is the specific form of marketing and cheap in term of expense. Moreover, on Facebook page you can add other network links and it helps to generate more audience. Facebook pages provide you performance indicators which help business to rearrange marketing campaign and this feature give money value.